Experienced team

Our experienced R&D team worked on creating normal and special formulas for professional brands’ cosmetics, pharmacies, various beauty salons and beauty centers as well as perfume shops and retail.

Consulting service

Having a special advisory service which is engaged in the development formulas process helps us make every of our products efficient, textural and with impeccable quality.

Quality raw materials

We use only high-quality raw materials and keep up with the tendencies on the market. In order to reach most favorable results our work is coordinated with the packing, quality and manufacture departments.


To check the solidity and compatibility of the validity period in our products we do some tests.

We've got:

  • Environmental chambers: 40ºC, 25ºC, 5ºC and -18ºC.
  • LUMIFuge: special equipment that helps to quickly check the stability and a validity period of products.
  • Some other facilities: pH meters, densimeters, viscometers and osmometers.


In order to be more efficient regarding our producing, our formulas are scaled at a manufacturing level.

We pay vast attention to our goods: they have to be excellent. Thus, we’ve got only up-to-date equipment.

For instance:

  • Analyzer of particles: with the help of it we can get to know the size and particles distribution in our samples. It really affects function and efficiency of our products and is a significant part of the control of quality.
  • IR: defines the raw materials' quality.
  • Spectrophotometer: also defines the raw materials' quality.
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